The Ultimate Guide To denver cosmetic surgery

I say woohoo because we’re going to talk about some fantastic technology that you have in the office that kind of helps us age a little more gracefully but dr. fonte before we get to that just tell me more about the office.

That you offer well we have a practice down actually in several locations around Denver I’ve been in Denver for about years and I’ve assembled a great team of people to work with me I started out in Boston and trained there and in ann arbor michigan and i teach over at the University of Colorado as well and so we have a great team of people that are ready to help with what anybody might want but particularly some of the things.

We’ll talk about today well I know a lot of people who have actually gone to you for different surgeries and different needs and they speak highly of you that’s wonderful and today we’re going to talk about even though you are a skilled surgeon we’re going to talk about non-surgical procedures and treatments so what’s new in.

That field well you know even though a cosmetic surgery still is can provide some of the best results we can find for many things that people need a lot of people aren’t ready for that they want to have something that’s a little bit less invasive.

A little bit less expensive to help them out and so although Botox and fillers have been useful and become popular over the years we now have something even better which is a radio frequency or even ultrasound treatments that can tighten the skin and make people look younger without any shots or without any invasiveness.

Which really means that they don’t have any incisions they don’t have any downtime they don’t have any pain and they don’t have any injection or needle that goes into them which is great oh yeah even to that i’m all about.

That christian tell me more about this hell of a is a non-invasive radiofrequency treatment it’s called pehlevi elevate at elevate ok that heats the deep layers of tissue below the surface of the skin to encourage new collagen growth it’s done over a few months a series of treatments and the best part is people get to see a preview of that right off the bat I’m excited we can actually see a little sample.

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